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Factory workers are about to get super-human strength thanks to Nasas Robo-Glove.有了美国航天局(NASA)研发的“机器人手套”,工厂工人将获得超人之力。The glove helped scientists control Robonaut 2, a humanoid that provided engineering and technical assistance on space mission just like Star Wars R2-D2.科学家曾用这一手套掌控第二代航天机器人,这种机器人和《星球大战》电影中的R2大神一样可以在继续执行航天任务中获取工程与技术支持。But now it has been given power-boosting technologies thanks to a partnership between General Motors and medical technology company Bioservo, who hope that it will help workers on factory floors.现在“机器人手套”在通用汽车公司与医疗科技公司Bioservo的合作研发下又配有了力量强化的技术,这两个公司期望该手套可以协助到工厂工人。

Using a combination of sensors that function like human nerves, muscles and tendons the new Power Glove has the same dexterity of the human hand - but with mammoth strength.手套里内置传感器(其功能类似于人类的神经、肌肉和肌腱),使得这一新型动力手套与人手一般灵活性——同时还力大无穷。The ground-breaking muscle-mimicking technologies could help employees in health care and manufacturing industries where a strong grip is necessary to get the job done.这种开创性的肌肉仿真技术可以协助到身体健康医疗以及制造业的工作人员,因为要已完成这两个行业的工作往往必须强劲的握力。The glove helps stops tired hands from aching after a long days work and will make it easier for workers to, quite literally, get a grip.工人戴着上手套,即便工作一整天,手部肌肉也会酸痛,这还感叹“逃跑窍门”了。

It could slash the amount of force an assembly operator needs to hold a tool during an operation in half.在车间作业中,戴着了手套的组装工人在操作者工具时只需使一半力。An assembly operator in a factory may use 15- to 20 pounds of force to hold a tool during an operation, for example.比如说,某次作业中工厂组装工人操作者工具有可能中用的力是15到20磅(相等于6.81到9.08公斤)。


But with the robotic glove, the factory operator might need to apply only five to 10 pounds of force.但要是戴着上了机器人手套,他有可能只需用5到10磅力(相等于2.27到4.54公斤)。General Motors will integrate Bioservos strength-boosting Soft Extra Muscles (SEM) glove into the Nasa Super-Glove, creating a mitt of almighty power similar to the exoskeleton worn by Matt Damons Max in Dystopian flick Elysium.通用汽车公司还打算将Bioservo公司的动力增强型“额外硬肌肉”(SEM)手套与美国航空航天局的超级手套融合在一起,从而研发出有一种与鼓吹乌托邦电影《光明空间》里马特·达蒙(Matt Damon)饰演的麦克斯(Max)所穿着的机械外骨骼一样动力强劲的手套。


Wearing the exo-skeleton glove will mean tools no longer need to be moulded to fit a workers hand, cutting company costs too.戴着上机械外骨骼手套意味著不必须再行模制工具以适应环境工人手的顶盖能力,同时公司还可以缩减成本。Forming an exo-skeleton it takes the weight out of the tool and stops the worker getting aches and pains as quickly.机械外骨骼手套可以减低工具的重量,以防止工人迅速就不会感觉手部酸痛。The hand is powered by a lightweight battery back that ties around the workers waist to keep it juiced up.工人的腰间不会配戴上一个轻盈的电池装置,让机器手能量满满。

Potential uses in the medical industry are promising with the increase of robotic surgery too.随着机器人手术的激增,这一手套在医疗行业的潜在用途也极具前景。Providing a comfortable glove for surgeons to manoeuvre miniscule robots over a patients body during long operations could save lives.在漫长的手术过程中,外科医生戴着上舒适度的手套就可以操控微型机器人为病人手术,从而解救他们的生命。General Motors said it will begin rolling out the glove to its workers immediately.通用汽车回应公司迅速就不会开始将手套派发给公司员工。

If all goes well it could be sold for rehabilitation purposes in the medical industry too.如果一切顺利的话手套也不会在医疗行业出售以协助康复期病人。



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